LOCATION: Horetzky Camp (Kemano, British Columbia, Canada)
BUILDING SIZE: 36’x42’ (332lb/sqft snow load)
APPLICATION: Emergency vehicle storage


This particular project gave a whole new meaning to remote! Flights into Terrace, one hour drive south into Kitimat, a half days barge inland to Kemano and for the last leg an hour trip up the side of a mountain. Aecon approached GNB to design, engineer and install a structure to house their emergency response equipment.

This building was not overly large by but what made it interesting was the snow loading it had to be designed to withstand. This location came with a 332 lb ground snow load (15.88 Kpa).

After discussions with the client we knew what we were up against and we just had to come up with the design and get it into manufacturing as our client required to building to be on site in 3 weeks. Although the structure would be 1 full week in transport we agreed to terms and provided the exact time lines needs and expected by Aecon.

Two full days travel and two full days of orientation and our install team was off the the races. We began by setting the lock blocks foundation, move into standing trusses, installed the insulation package and finished up with overhead doors and fabric termination. This project is a prime example of GNB delivering reliability; standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients, constantly providing rugged, built to order structures that perform in any environment. GNB invests time and energy at the front end to deliver exactly what you want and expect!