Case Studies

How Steel Truss & Fabric Buildings Have Helped Our Clients
Hartman Walsh
Hartman Walsh approached GNB with a unique situation: they needed coverage for an existing large pipeline, while allowing enough room beside the pipe for their team to blast and recoat it.
Aecon / Rio Tinto
In the remote mountains near the central BC coast, Aecon & Rio Tinto needed a large emergency vehicle storage shelter for their power generation plant.
The Mosaic Co.
The Mosaic Company, a phosphate and potash mining group, approached GNB to provide a turnkey solution for incoming materials that needed to be stored and sub-assembled above ground, prior to being sent down into their mines.
Husky Energy
Husky Energy, a major oil and gas company, came to GNB in need of a 100’ x 144’ cold storage and pre-fabrication facility at their Rush Lake SAGD plant in Saskatchewan.
Pembina Pipeline
At a remote site west of Fox Creek, AB, Pembina was in need of a large storage facility to bolster their operational abilities.