Hartman Walsh

Location: Courtney, British Columbia, Canada 

Building Size: Eight 22’ x 50’ structures 

Application: Portable coverings for hydro pipelines of 12’ diameter 

Fabric Structure United States 

Scope of the Project 

Hartman Walsh approached GNB Global with a unique situation: they needed coverage for an existing large pipeline while allowing enough room beside the pipe for their team to blast and recoat itThe covers also had to be mobile, so they could be moved down the line as needed; they had to be lightweight enough to be moved by only ATVs, due to space restrictions; and they had to be rugged and tough, as they would be lifted in and out of place by a crane at multiple points. Even with all of those qualities, each structure would have to conform to provincial and national building code standards to ensure crew safety. Finally, each design had to accommodate the large diameter of the pipe (12’), while having thick enough sidewalls to contain excess blast material and paint sprayand allowing for proper entry/exit points in accordance with fire codes.  

The blueprints were unique, but GNB Global rose to the challenge and delivered on the client’s vision with buildings that flawlessly performed in the field. A GNB Global crew joined Hartman Walsh in the field as the structures were installed, ensuring everything went smoothly and remained quickly available for any needed advice or assistance. 

GNB Global listens intently to clients’ needs and invests the necessary time right from the start to truly understand their vision. With a diehard attitude and an unstoppable work ethic, we deliver building solutions that perform in any environment, for any application. 

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