The Mosaic Co.

Location: K3 Mine Site, Esterhazy, SK 

Building Size: Four 72′ x 154 structures 

Application: Critical component warehousing & sub-assembly 

K3 Mine Site, Esterhazy, SK

Scope of the Project 

The Mosaic Company, a phosphate and potash mining group, approached GNB Global to provide a turnkey solution for incoming materials that needed to be stored and sub-assembled above ground, prior to being sent down into their mines. Requiring more than 44,000 sq. ft of space, we set out to create four 72’ x 140’ buildings in under two months.

Midway through the project, the designs changed in order to accommodate a greater overall height of each structure. GNB Global quickly and efficiently implemented the new dimensions, continuing with the work uninterrupted and saving time and money for Mosaic. Installed on one-row concrete lock block foundations, the final four structures were 72’ x 154’, and our crews received multiple weekly safety awards over the course of the installation – showing why GNB Global’s A rating from ISNETWorld is well-earned.

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