How we work

We get it done right with seamless customer service and long-lasting building solutions

Our mission statement says it all.

We exist to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations by understanding their business needs and providing complete fabric building solutions, delivered through empowered employees.

GNB Global Values

The buildings are just the start – our values are what sets us apart in a crowded industry.

We believe in transparency, accountability, and strong relationships built on trust.
We say as we do, and do as we say. We deliver on our promises and stand by them.
We believe in unbeatable service that lasts long after the building has been put up.
When you become our customer, our expertise and resources are yours to use.

Discover the GNB Global Difference

Every GNB Global client gets an experience that goes far beyond our buildings – and we’re always glad to deliver long-lasting solutions. Josh Carroll, from Mortenson Constructions, talks about his GNB Global experience, and how we enabled them to work better on a Manitoba worksite.

GNB Global is Serious about Safety

We are proud members of several safety organizations, and certified in accordance with all levels of safety regulations.

GNB Global: Rising to the Challenge

We’ve solved some big real-world problems with our tension fabric buildings, all across North America – from shelters at remote mountain outposts to massive mining warehouses.

Eagle Mountain Data Center
When one of North America’s largest tech companies broke ground on a 4 million sq. ft. data center project in remote Utah, GNB Global provided commons buildings for thousands of workers and crew.
Hartman Walsh
Hartman Walsh approached GNB Global with a unique situation: they needed coverage for an existing large pipeline, while allowing enough room beside the pipe for their team to blast and recoat it.