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Tension Fabric Buildings and Solutions for Mining

At GNB Global, we understand that doing remote work for mining jobs is not always easy. That’s why we have designed and manufactured mining tents. Our custom solutions are great for giving temporary storage and shelter while on the job. They can even be used as warehourses or provide add-on space for other industrial tasks. Our expert team is more than capable of working in any kind of location and will customize your tent based on your specific requirements. 

Our buildings are ideal for temporary storage, shelters, warehouses, or add-on space for other industrial tasks. We easily work in remote or difficult locations, and can customize our designs for all weather conditions.

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Commercial Tents USA - GNB Global
Deploy thousands of square feet of space for storage, warehousing, or fabrication.
Construction Tents USA - GNB Global Inc
Design movable structures for reuse elsewhere, or install them for a permanent base on site.
Tension Fabric Buildings - GNB Global
Open, column-free floor plans allow for maximized available space.
Better temperature control helps create optimal conditions for sensitive materials.

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See GNB Buildings in The Field

See GNB Buildings in The Field

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