Engineered Fabric Buildings – Kansas

GNB Global provides our customers in Kansas with fast, reliable, and flexible solutions to a number of common industry headaches.

Why You Need a Tensioned Fabric Structure
Engineered tension fabric buildings from GNB Global have a variety of uses. Many people think of fabric buildings for storage. While fabric buildings to make great storage spaces, they can also be assembled to meet the requirements of traditional buildings as well. If you need a new warehouse, greenhouse or office space, engineered fabric buildings are a great solution. Fabric buildings provide a completely open floor concept, free from stabilizing beams and can be constructed in a fraction of the time. Additionally, they can be insulated to reduce heating and cooling costs and can include all the features of traditional buildings (HVAC, electrical, overhead doors, etc.)

Move your structure from site to site, no matter how big or small. Larger fabric structures can be deconstructed, transported, and re-setup. Smaller buildings can easily be moved all at once. Don’t mistake the portability as weak or inferior though!

These structures are extremely durable and withstand a plethora of weather conditions, including heavy rain, extreme heat, snow, and wind; especially a concern across Kansas. Not all other competitors’ structures are created as durable as structures from GNB Global.

Finally, GNB structures can be built regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it’s summer, winter, fall, or spring, our team can effectively and efficiently build structures that last current and future seasons in any location on the planet.

Why GNB?
GNB Global is able to install our fabric structures on top of work done by other companies. When we install our fabrics, you are immediately able to enjoy the benefits that GNB Global offers all our customers. With each engineered fabric building, you have a 16 year functional warranty, but that’s not the only thing we can offer you.

When you work with GNB Global, you automatically form a relationship with our team. From here, you have access to our industry expertise and personal resources.

Uses For Tensioned Fabric Structures
Get creative with how you use your tensioned fabric structure. No two customers will use their structures exactly the same, and it is unlikely you will either! That being said, there are some general uses for the structures that you can take advantage of.

The unobstructed interior space is ideal for many agricultural uses. Use GNB Global fabric structures to house your livestock, tools, machinery, crops, and more. Because GNB structures are also portable, you can move your structure to different locations season after season.

Use the space provided by your new fabric structure building as whatever kind of warehousing space your organization needs. Improve your organization’s logistics structure, reduce transportation times, and keep your sites organized, all with a tensioned fabric structure.

Looking for more information about how your Kansas location can benefit from a tensioned fabric structure? Visit our industries page or call today to get started with your project!