Engineered Fabric Buildings – New York

GNB Global builds solutions for our clients in New York by engineering tensioned fabric buildings for any industry or purpose. GNB tensioned fabric structures are ideal for a number of New York industries, including construction projects, data center builds, oil & gas, mining and more.

Energy Production Use
In the energy industry, there are many complex and weather-sensitive materials to protect as well as strict regulations that must be adhered to. Our team is certified to work on any site in the world and our engineered structures will safely and securely protect your crew and materials from weather, wind, moisture, dust, and dirt. With unparalleled mobility, minimal set up time, and high customizability, fabric solutions are the method of choice for the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Construction Use
Use the newly created space for a project office or to store vehicles, raw materials, and more at each construction site. The quick assembly time makes it the ideal solution for a number of different job site problems and headaches.

Storage Uses
Use the enclosed area provided by an engineered fabric building to house your additional products, materials, or general warehousing. With custom spaces, there is no limit to your abilities and how to make them work to your best advantage.

As is the case with many unique organizations in New York, your needs are custom. At GNB Global, we understand that and strive to make our solutions just as custom as your needs. Customize the dimensions to tailor your space to fit specific purposes and functional needs. Next, choose if you want your building to be insulated or not based on what you plan to use your building for. Every engineered fabric building is weather-proof, but temperatures fluctuate a lot more in non-insulated buildings, especially in unbalanced climate regions like New York. Talk more about all the customization options available to you when you call and speak with a representative today!

Along with countless customization opportunities, GNB Global customer service is among the top in the industry. For over 20 years, we have been providing our customers with reliable solutions backed by a reliable team ready to help solve each of their problems with creative solutions.

Setting Ourselves Apart
At GNB, we set ourselves apart from competitors in every way. We firmly believe in ultimate corporate transparency. This allows us to build relationships on trust, accountability, and reliability. We do as we say and deliver on and beyond promises, we make or provide genuine communication if we aren’t able to deliver. We also offer lasting services that transcend the fabric structure construction.

Take advantage of all your outdoor space today with tensioned fabric structures from GNB Global! Call today to learn more about your options and to receive a free custom quote and consultation.