Temporary Structures USA
The Next Generation of Weather Enclosures

Leave Plastic Hoarding in the Past

It’s time to move on from plastic weather enclosures on construction sites. Wrapping a site takes a long time to do, and even if you do, it gives minor protection and is limited in how it can be used.

Traditional plastic looks cheap, blows down easily in harsh weather, and is not adjustable to match the size of the area you’re in. There’s no way to cut a proper access door in it. You can’t put a logo on it to take advantage of free advertising as you work. And after you’re finished with it, you can’t reuse it – it’s torn down and thrown away, creating more waste for the landfill.

With GNB, there’s a way to overcome all of these issues. Now, you can enclose your sites with more protection while saving money. The solution is our RWES.

A Superior Way to Protect Your Site

We needed a system that would enclose over 400,000 sq. ft, and didn’t want to go with conventional poly, as it’s prone to stretch and tear in frequent winds over 20 mph. We’ve purchased over 15 fabric structures from GNB, and I knew their fabric was the right solution for our enclosure system. The research & development team from GNB came to the project site and reviewed our issue with us. From there, GNB provided the solution to deploy their RWES based on similar applications in the past. It’s a simple installation, no maintenance, and a reusable weather protection system that has already proven itself to me. It sustained winds above 115 mph and temperatures well below 0° F. Not only is this system more durable, it’s portable and reusable, saving you time and money. –Josh Carroll, Senior Superintendent of Mortenson Construction

6 Reasons to Choose RWES

Our reusable hoarding was designed to eliminate tarp wrapping issues that come with conventional hoarding and enclosure systems:

Construction Tents
Engineered to Outperform
Our tight envelopes protect your building, materials, and equipment from harsh and unpredictable weather, and can withstand hurricane-force winds of 130 mph.
Construction Tents
Design Flexibility
Proper access doors can be added wherever needed, and pockets along the bottom of each panel can be height-adjusted to suit the site.
Mining Tents
Professional Look
The fitted enclosure looks significantly tidier and much more professional than plastic. Plus, you can print your own logos on the material.
Commercial Tents
Bright Interior
Despite being insulated and much more durable, RWES lets in 85% of natural light, keeping your site’s interior well-lit with high visibility.
Temporary Buildings
Quick to Install
You can install 900 sq. ft. in less than 40 minutes, as our panels are easy to assemble and fix in place.
Temporary Structures
Environmentally Responsible
The panels are easy to take down, and can be reused on others project, saving you both money and trips to the landfill. Since the panels can be easily repaired or modified without compromising on quality or protection, they will last you for years!