Engineered Fabric Buildings -Texas

GNB Global is proud to serve Texas with our engineered fabric buildings. Whether you need an insulated building installed quickly, additional storage space, or a temporary building for your oil & gas operations, the experts at GNB Global can help.

What is a Tension Fabric Building?

A tension fabric building is a semi-permanent building made from an arc-shaped metal structure and a hyper-durable fabric covering. The shape of the final building perfectly distributes weather and protects the materials stored within. Our engineered buildings can be installed in fraction of the time and cost of traditional buildings and can be customized with insulation, overhead doors, and even HVAC systems.

Energy Production

Energy exports like petrol, oils, natural gas, and more are all major businesses in Texas. Energy companies need to be able to set up locations quickly in very remote locations. These locations change often and sites must move if businesses want to capitalize on energy production opportunities. Temporary fabric buildings act as portable assembly sites, employee camps, and more. Each of these uses helps to progress energy production efforts without the hassle of lengthy construction and deconstruction.


When it comes to the mining industry, there are a variety of uses for GNBs tension fabric structures. Each of these uses can improve mine performance and team productivity. The best part about GNBs cover-all buildings is that they can easily be worked on despite difficult terrain. Use these temporary buildings as temporary housing for employees. These buildings can be built in no time and are a great way to provide accommodation close to the mining location. Alternatively, use the mining tents as a way to store essential mining equipment, or warehousing. Is there another way you think these tension fabric buildings could be used for your mining organization? Let us know and collaboratively, we can make it your reality.

Let GNB Global provide your Texas location with the perfect solution right now and for years to come. Our buildings come with a 16-year give a warranty so that you can feel confident in your investment for years to come. One of the best parts about GNB tension fabric buildings is that they are completely transportable.

For more information about GNB tension fabric structures, call us toll free today or fill out a quote form now!