Engineered Fabric Buildings – Virginia

There are a number of successful organizations in Virginia that rely on outdoor operation opportunities. GNB Global’s tensioned fabric structures provide a weather and climate-safe solution for many industries, including construction, data center builds, farming, warehousing, storage, oil & gas, mining, and more.

The state of Virginia has a major impact on the United States agriculture industry. The state’s farms provide over 300,000 jobs to Americans and contribute tens of billions of dollars to the United States economy each year. GNB Global is proud to provide support for the agriculture industry through our tensioned fabric structures.

GNB Global and Virginia Manufacturing
GNB’s tensioned fabric structures provide low-cost, high-efficiency manufacturing and assembly spaces to support and extend manufacturing efforts. Use space provided by the semi-permanent buildings to aid in your manufacturing efforts. Each structure offers plentiful light transfer to allow for a safe and bright workspace!

Finally, Virginia’s construction industry benefits from GNB Global’s tensioned fabric solutions. Throughout the state, there are hundreds of large and small scale construction projects. Tensioned fabric structures help optimize your construction efforts and simplify a number of routine processes.

GNB Global and Virginia Construction
Rather than spend hours transporting your site supplies from one place to the next, use your tensioned fabric structures as a local storage facility. The interior offers enough space to store materials, machinery, and other site essentials. Each building is secure, ensuring your valuable materials are safe at all times. Additionally, our engineered fabric buildings are ideal for temporary site offices.

GNB Global and Virginia Agriculture
GNB offers long-term solutions to some of the most prevalent agricultural problems. During cold winter months, making sure your livestock has a safe place to sleep is fundamental to your business. Tensioned fabric structures are a great way to provide additional sheltered space made to store your essential machinery, valuable seed, or precious crop.

Along with agriculture, Virginia has a number of manufacturing companies. Virginia manufacturers produce goods for national and international sales, which contributes to economic growth.

Benefit of using GNB
See the difference immediately when you work with GNB. We believe in professional partnership, that means our clients all have access to our unique expertise and industry knowledge. We routinely offer creative solutions to some of the most complex issues. What’s more? When you purchase a fabric structure from GNB, you get more than just a great new space. With each purchase, we extend our 16-year warranty! We want you to feel as confident in your new structure as we do.

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