GNB Gives a Sh*t About Warranty

We stand by our products before – and long after – the work is done. 
We have a 16-year warranty on all new fabric covers.
Commercial Tents USA - GNB Global
Experienced crews can do repairs and replacements on site, when you need them.
Get up to 25 years of use out of your structure with our Preventative Maintenance Program.
Avoid waiting at all with our customized repair kits, made to your structure’s needs and colour.

20 Years of Excellent Customer Service

Our tension fabric structures are built to last – and when something goes wrong, we are there to fix it right away. In addition to our 16-year warranties on each new fabric cover, our five-year Preventative Maintenance Program deal gives you rigorous annual inspections, a 25% discount, immediate repairs to anchorage and fabric issues, and increased longevity.

We replace any brand, any size, anywhere.

Whether you already have a custom GNB fabric building, or a covered structure from a competitor, we will work with you to make it new again.

  • We have multiple colour options available to match your needs
  • Our custom designs fit perfectly, even on existing structures
  • Enjoy the benefits of our warranty and maintenance program with your new cover
  • Backed by more than 20 years of experience with tension fabric buildings