Engineered Fabric Buildings – Washington

GNB Global proudly serves Washington and builds solutions to a variety of complex industrial, commercial, and recreational building and storage issues. We strive to provide reliable structures, dependable communication, and exceptional quality for each and every customer through our services.

What is a tensioned fabric structure?
A tensioned fabric structure is a semi-permanent building created using structural metal arcs covered by an extremely durable and flexible fabric material. The result is a large, open indoor space that can be used in a variety of ways, however you see fit.

Take your structure to the next level with GNB
When you use a tensioned fabric building from GNB, you immediately take your building structure to the next level. We offer special customizations designed with improved business efficiency in mind. To our clients, we extend our knowledge and experience with commercial overhead doors. Ask about how we can install the perfect overhead door solution on your building.

Worried about your structure’s functionality in chilly Washington winters? To begin, all our fabrics are completely able to withstand extreme weather, let alone temperatures well below freezing. If you are concerned about weather impacting your structure’s contents, let us ease those worries with insulated building options. Insulated fabric structure buildings keep inside temperatures regulated and allow for interior heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Talk to us about how your organization can benefit from the insulated version of GNBs tensioned fabric structures.

Customize your building to match organization branding or specialized needs. Each building can be constructed in a number of shapes and sizes depending on what you require. While many of our clients opt for the traditional dome shape, others may be interested in alternative shaped structure. When you speak to GNB about your specific vision and requirements, we will recommend the best option for your needs. Custom options don’t stop there. Talk to a representative about color customization options as well, and coordinate colors according to your specific branding and color scheme.

Who Can Use a GNB Tensioned Fabric Structure in Washington?
When it comes to how and when you can use a tensioned fabric structure, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can use your Tensioned fabric building for the following different uses and so much more!- Industrial manufacturing
– Commercial uses
– Storage

We serve clients in a number of different industries, including the following:
Energy production
Sports and Recreation

To book a consultation, talk to a representative, or book a demo, call us today or fill out a quote form online!