Gerdau Steel

Gerdau Steel industrial tension fabric building

Previous image Next image Gerdau Steel Building: Heritage 18Dimensions: 48′ x 96′Location: Midlothian, TexasPurpose: Industrial 19025

Dow Storage Buildings

Two insulated 72'x154' tension fabric buildings for Dow

Dow Storage Buildings Building: Insulated Heritage 36Dimensions: Two 72′ x 154′Location: Fort Saskatchewan, AlbertaPurpose: Conditioned storage for critical components for site shutdown 19025

What Are The Benefits Of Tension Fabric Buildings?

What are the Benefits of Tension Fabric Buildings?

What are the Benefits of Tension Fabric Buildings? Tension fabric buildings, also known as fabric structures or fabric buildings, offer several benefits in various applications. Here are some of the advantages of tension fabric buildings: Quick Installation: Tension fabric buildings can be installed much faster compared to traditional buildings. The lightweight materials and modular design […]

Dallas Circus Center Building

GNB Global Dallas Circus Center tension fabric building service

Previous Next Dallas Circus Center Building Building: Custom Dimensions:  Location: Dallas, Texas Purpose: Trapeze training facility 20xxx

How Much Does A Fabric Building Cost?

GNB Global article How Much Does A Fabric Building Cost?

How Much Does A Fabric Building Cost? Invariably, one of the first questions we get when talking to someone about a building is, “How much does a fabric building cost?”. While several factors affect how we calculate a building’s price, we can start with simple square foot ROM (rough order of magnitude) pricing. The cost […]

What Is A Tension Fabric Building?

GNB Global detailed tension fabric building picture

What Is A Tension Fabric Building? A tension fabric building is a steel-framed structure covered with an engineered membrane material. Fabric buildings can range from ten feet wide to more than two hundred feet wide. A key characteristic of tension fabric buildings is that, unlike conventional structures, they do not require intermediate posts or supports […]

New Gold Mining Building

GNB Global New Gold mining pump station building

Previous Next New Gold Mining Building Building: Heritage Dimensions: 52′ x 54′ Location: Rainy River, Ontario, Canada Purpose: Tailing pump booster station 00000

Pembina Pipeline Building

GNB Global Pembina Pipeline fabric building warehouse

Previous Next Pembina Pipeline Building Building:  Dimensions: 40′ x 98′ Location: Fox Creek and Hythe, Alberta, Canada Purpose: Warehouse 19025

Texas Oncor Service Building

GNB Global Texas Oncor Service Building

Previous Next Texas Oncor Service Building Building: Centurion 36Dimensions: 60′ x 100′Location: TexasPurpose: Electric Utility 20012

Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex

Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex fabric building

Previous Next Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex Building: Centurion 48 Dimensions: 145′ x 230′ x 55′ Location: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Purpose: 12 Court Pickleball facility The British Columbia Pickleball Building is one of Guard-All’s Centurion 48 Series tension fabric buildings. The Centurion 48 fabric buildings are optimized for projects requiring very large usable envelopes […]