Fabric Building Service, Maintenance, Inspections & Cover Replacement

GNB Global offers industry-leading service, maintenance, inspections, and fabric replacement for fabric buildings built by any manufacturer, including GNB Global, Guard-All, Clearspan, and Cover-All.

Service & Maintenance
During the lifespan of a fabric building, things can happen. Someone can catch a tractor wheel on a cable or puncture a membrane with a front-end loader. Don’t worry; it happens, and we can help.

We have some of the most experienced fabric building specialists ready to provide industry-leading service and maintenance.

Loose or broken stay cables and bolt connections can be repaired. Small amounts of fabric damage, like a puncture, may be able to be patched.  Over time, a fabric building’s tension may need to be tightened.

We offer fabric building inspection services. Our inspector will inspect your building for issues like holes, defects, corrosion, and will check the tension. Once the inspection is complete, our inspector will provide a complete report detailing any problems.

Cover replacement
Do you need to recover your fabric building? We can provide a replacement membrane for your building, or if suitable, we may be able to provide a partial replacement.

Some fabric buildings, like our Heritage Series buildings, are designed with a single or mono cover. Mono covers are usually found on smaller buildings and arch profile buildings. Mono covers are often replaced completely.

Larger buildings and gable profile buildings are often designed with individual panels connected using keder rails. If your building was constructed with individual panels, we can usually replace panels as needed. However, if multiple panels are damaged, or the fabric cover is showing signs of age, we can recover the whole structure.

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Why Choose GNB Global?

GNB Global fabric building installation safety certifications

Unparalleled Safety & Installation

Daily safety briefings. Extensive personal protective equipment. From the beginning, our goal was to provide the highest quality fabric building installation. To ensure we achieved that goal, we built our installation team around a culture of safety with unparalleled certifications. The safety certifications GNB Global maintains allow our installers to work on North America’s most rigorous construction sites. The company’s safety certifications include:

  • Avetta Member
  • ComplyWorks
  • Certified CSA A660
  • ISNetworld Certified
  • COR Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition
GNB Global Give A Sh!t Guarantee fabric building warranty

Our Give A Sh!t Guarantee

A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. At GNB, we say as we do and do as we say. GNB’s fabric buildings are backed by our Give A Sh!t Guarantee, a comprehensive 16-year warranty, and fulfilled by our unbeatable customer service.

Our tension fabric structures are built to last – if something goes wrong, we are there to fix it right away. In addition to our 16-year warranties on each new fabric cover, our five-year Preventative Maintenance Program deal gives you rigorous annual inspections, a 25% discount, immediate repairs to anchorage and fabric issues, and increased longevity.

GNB Global made in the United States & Canada

Made In The United States & Canada

We proudly design, engineer, and fabricate our buildings with labor local to our manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada.


Our trusses and steel components are manufactured from steel produced in American and Canadian refineries.


NovaShield® II, our primary HDPE membrane, is manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada.

GNB Global tension fabric building steel fabrication


You won’t find cheap Chinese, mass-produced metal here. Our trusses and steel components are manufactured from American and Canadian-made, cold-formed seamless carbon steel that conforms to the ASTM A500 standard with a 50 ksi (345 MPa) minimum yield point. On average, our steel is composed of 57% post-consumer recycled content and 31% pre-consumer recycled content.

Our fabricated steel truss components can be finished in a selection of coatings, including hot dip galvanized and powder coated to meet your project specifications.

GNB Global tension fabric building membrane fabrication


The standard architectural membrane material GNB Global employs is NovaShield® II with ArmorKote™, a Cradle to Cradle certified product. The membrane is available in several colors with either a standard 4 mil coating or a 4 mil flame retardant coating. The NovaShield scrim is produced in a special weaving pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, abrasion resistance, and tear properties. The proprietary coating improves abrasion resistance, flex resistance, seam strength, UV resistance, and longevity.

Other membrane options like HEYtex® PVC, Sheerfill® PTFE, and Shadeshure® HDPE are available.

GNB Global tension fabric building foundations


A variety of tension fabric building foundation options are available to meet your specific building requirements and budget. Temporary foundations, often more cost-effective, are a good choice for situations where the building and foundation will be removed in the future, leaving no trace. Temporary foundations include Hogan stakes, duckbill anchors, helical anchors or screw piles, ballast blocks, rig mats, and shipping containers. Permanent foundation options include poured-in-place piers, grade beam, and poured slab foundations.

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