Aecon / Rio Tinto

Location: Horetzky Camp (Kemano, British Columbia, Canada) 

Building Size: 36′ x 42′, with 332 lb/ft2 snow load capacity 

Application: Emergency vehicle storage 


Scope of the Project 

In the remote mountains near the central BC coastAecon & Rio Tinto needed a large emergency vehicle storage shelter for their power generation plant. However, with no road access to the site, and a reputation for heavy snowfall, the design and installation of this structure would be unlike any other – and to top it off, we had only 3 weeks to design, transport, and install it. 

We started by collecting all necessary information about the building’s requirements, including foundation needs, insulation, overhead doors, and the ability to withstand snow loads up to 332 lb/ft2 . We got to work designing and manufacturing the trusses, fabric, and foundations. Soon it was time to transport everything to the site  starting with a flights to Terrace, BC, followed by an hour’s drive to Kitimat, half a day on a barge to Kemano, and finally, heading an hour up a mountainside to complete the trip.  

After two days of travel and two more of orientation, our installation team was ready to go. They set the lock block foundations and erected the standing trusses, followed by an insulation package, overhead doors, and fabric cover. In just three weeks from start to finish, across thousands of kilometres of rugged terrain, this project highlights the GNB commitment to reliable and unbeatable service, quality, and design. Through the whole process, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, delivering custom structures and solutions for every environment.

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