Pembina Pipeline

Location: Fox Creek & Hythe, AB 

Building Size: 48L10 x 98 

Application: Remote onsite warehousing 

Remote onsite warehousing 

Scope of the Project 

At a remote site west of Fox Creek, AB, Pembina was in need of a large storage facility to bolster its operational abilities. To create the necessary design, GNB worked closely with Pembina to maximize space while minimizing costs. Together, we engineered a structure with a 24”  leg extension placed on a foundation of concrete lock blocks, giving additional overall height. We created flooring from rig matting and supplied racks to fill the space.  

From design and engineering to the final safety, quality, and sales process, GNB exceeded all expectations of Pembina, and we became a preferred supplier for their company. Since then, we have supplied an identical structure for another one of their pipelines, located in Hythe, AB. 

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