How To Build A Tension Fabric Building

Every day a wide variety of people approach us about pricing for one of GNB Global’s tension fabric buildings. Some of the people that contact us are general contractors, architects, engineers, and developers that know how the construction industry works. Other individuals and businesses, however, are not experts in how the construction industry works. This article is designed for those who want a tension fabric building but aren’t sure how to start the process.

Whether you want to store resources and products for your business or host recreational activities, here are three prerequisites for constructing a tension fabric building.

  1. All successful projects require a plan, and the construction of a tension fabric building is no different. What are you covering? How much space do you need to cover? What clearance height will you need? Do you need end walls? Overhead or man doors? Knowing the design, you need for the building will help ensure you get the exact building you need.
    The more developed the plan is, the better. An architect can be extremely valuable in walking you through the highly customizable options of a tension fabric building. The architectural drawings they can provide to engineers, general contractors, or directly to GNB will make sure all parties are on the same page.
  2. Now that you know what building you want, the next step is finding out where it will go. Do you own the land you will be building on? Will you need a permit from the city you are building in?
    Before our engineers start designing your building, we will need to determine the wind and snow loads for your area. This is to ensure that your building will be ready for whatever weather is standard for your area, whether it be the season-long heavy snows in Northern Canada or the torrential storms of coastal Florida and anything in between.
    The next thing you need to determine is the building’s foundation. Depending on your budget, the building’s purpose, and your location, there are multiple options when it comes to which foundation to use for the building. We find that the ballast blocks foundations and poured in place foundations are the most common, but there are many alternative options. We even have a handy listing of them all on our website.
  3. Once a purchase order is in hand, the project can begin. For that to happen, you’ll need to acquire funding. Tension fabric buildings can range in price drastically based on size, design, materials, and accessories (such as doors, ventilation, etc.). Our buildings can range in cost from $6 to more than $20 a square foot based on several factors like the building type, size, installation, and accessories like entrances, lighting, insulation, and many other options. GNB does offer financing, which you can learn more about on our website.


When you know what building you want, where you want it, and how to fund it, a tension fabric building is one of the most cost-effective and quick to install structures on the market.

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