What Happened To Guard-All Building Solutions?

Guard-All Building Solutions was established in early 2011 by Basil & Dot Haymann. The Dallas-based company was created in part as a reaction to the prior year’s collapse of the fabric building market leader, Cover-All Building Systems. The Haymann’s were already experienced in fabric structures from previous ventures in the field with USA Shade & Fabric Structures, a company specialized in fabric structures for parks and playgrounds. Paul Johnson, Peter Bielefeld, and a few key employees were recruited from the recently shuttered Cover-All to bring their expertise and instant credibility to the new venture.

Guard-All found success in the construction business, producing custom fabric buildings for the US Armed Forces like the Marines and Air Force and salt storage buildings for Departments of Transportation across the country. While most of the fabric building industry is commodity-based, requiring companies to produce and sell high quantities of standardized buildings efficiently to find success, Guard-All found their niche producing the big, weird, and custom buildings that customers couldn’t get from the competition.

In June 2016, German cable manufacturing company PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH acquired Guard-All Building Solutions. The company continued to do business as Guard-All Building Solutions under the German ownership group. The Haymanns continued in leadership roles at Guard-All for a few more years until the transition to PFEIFER Guard-All was complete.

In May 2022, GNB Global, a company out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, purchased the assets of Texas-based fabric building company PFEIFER Guard-All (dba Guard-All Building Solutions) from their German parent company. The purchase allowed GNB to expand the company’s services and capabilities while establishing a foothold in the United States. GNB retained much of the core staff from Guard-All, absorbing their US-based knowledge and experience.

“We are excited to make this move. We expanded our footprint with a new manufacturing facility in Dallas and added the local veteran crew to our GNB team,” said Ryan Hunter, GNB Global’s co-President. “GNB looks forward to continuing relationships with Guard-All’s previous customers and associates.”

The Guard-All Building Solutions brand name was discontinued in 2022. The Guard-All legacy lives on as a chapter in the GNB Global story.

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