Gerdau Steel

Gerdau Steel industrial tension fabric building

Previous image Next image Gerdau Steel Building: Heritage 18Dimensions: 48′ x 96′Location: Midlothian, TexasPurpose: Industrial 19025

Dow Storage Buildings

Two insulated 72'x154' tension fabric buildings for Dow

Dow Storage Buildings Building: Insulated Heritage 36Dimensions: Two 72′ x 154′Location: Fort Saskatchewan, AlbertaPurpose: Conditioned storage for critical components for site shutdown 19025

Dallas Circus Center Building

GNB Global Dallas Circus Center tension fabric building service

Previous Next Dallas Circus Center Building Building: Custom Dimensions:  Location: Dallas, Texas Purpose: Trapeze training facility 20xxx

New Gold Mining Building

GNB Global New Gold mining pump station building

Previous Next New Gold Mining Building Building: Heritage Dimensions: 52′ x 54′ Location: Rainy River, Ontario, Canada Purpose: Tailing pump booster station 00000

Pembina Pipeline Building

GNB Global Pembina Pipeline fabric building warehouse

Previous Next Pembina Pipeline Building Building:  Dimensions: 40′ x 98′ Location: Fox Creek and Hythe, Alberta, Canada Purpose: Warehouse 19025

Texas Oncor Service Building

GNB Global Texas Oncor Service Building

Previous Next Texas Oncor Service Building Building: Centurion 36Dimensions: 60′ x 100′Location: TexasPurpose: Electric Utility 20012

Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex

Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex fabric building

Previous Next Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex Building: Centurion 48 Dimensions: 145′ x 230′ x 55′ Location: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Purpose: 12 Court Pickleball facility The British Columbia Pickleball Building is one of Guard-All’s Centurion 48 Series tension fabric buildings. The Centurion 48 fabric buildings are optimized for projects requiring very large usable envelopes […]

Rocky Comfort Salt Storage Building

GNB Global Rocky Comfort salt storage building

Previous Next Rocky Comfort Salt Storage Building Building: Heritage 18 Dimensions:  Location: Rocky Comfort, Missouri Purpose: Salt storage building 20016

M.G. Carter, Sr. Softball Complex

GNB Global M.G. Carter, Sr. Softball Complex custom tension fabric building

Previous Next M.G. Carter, Sr. Softball Complex Building: Heritage 18 Dimensions: 30′ x 75′ Location: Garland, Texas Purpose: Softball complex 19025