M.G. Carter, Sr. Softball Complex

GNB Global M.G. Carter, Sr. Softball Complex custom tension fabric building

M.G. Carter, Sr. Softball Complex Building: Custom Spartan 18Dimensions: 30′ x 75′Location: Garland, TexasPurpose: Softball complex 19025

Columbia Canine Sports Center

GNB Global Columbia Canine Sports Center fabric building

Columbia Canine Sports Center Building: Centurion 48Dimensions: 120′ x 240′Location: Columbia, MissouriPurpose: Dog training facility 19014

Customs Inspection Building

Border Patrol Customs Inspection tension fabric building

Customs Inspection Building Building: Custom CenturionDimensions: Location: ArizonaPurpose: Customs inspection 19078

Mission Arlington Warehouse

Mission Arlington Warehouse tension fabric building

Mission Arlington Warehouse Building: Spartan 24Dimensions: 80′ x 96′Location: Arlington, TexasPurpose: Warehouse 18011

Dallas United Crew Building

Dallas United Crew tension fabric building

Dallas United Crew Building Building:  Custom 24-inch trussDimensions:  53′ x 100′Location:  Dallas, TexasPurpose:  Boat Storage Building 18021

Minnesota Public Works Facility

Minnesota Public Works Facility salt storage building

Minnesota Public Works Facility Building: Centurion 48Dimensions: 135′ x 200′Legs: 13′Location: MinnesotaPurpose: Shared Public Works Facility and salt storage The Minnesota Public Works Facility is a salt storage building featuring our Centurion 48 Series truss. The Centurion 48 tension fabric buildings are optimized for projects requiring very large usable envelopes and elevated clearances at the […]

Robins Air Force Base C-17 Hangar

GNB Global Robins Air Force Base custom C-17 hangar building

Robins Air Force Base C-17 Hangar Building: Custom BuildingDimensions: 215′ x 120′Location: Robins Air Force Base, GeorgiaPurpose: Aircraft hangar 18094

Natural Soil Products Compost Building

GNB Global Natural Soil Products compost fabric building

Natural Soil Products Compost Building Building: Custom CenturionDimensions: 140′ x 600′Location: Tremont, PennsylvaniaPurpose: Compost production facility 18077

Prodesa Biomass Building

GNB Global Prodesa Biomass tension fabric building

Prodesa Biomass Building Building: Spartan 24Dimensions: 60′ x 112′Location: TennesseePurpose: Biomass production 18092