Minnesota Public Works Facility

Building: Centurion 48
Dimensions: 135′ x 200′
Legs: 13′
Location: Minnesota
Purpose: Shared Public Works Facility and salt storage

The Minnesota Public Works Facility is a salt storage building featuring our Centurion 48 Series truss. The Centurion 48 tension fabric buildings are optimized for projects requiring very large usable envelopes and elevated clearances at the peak and the sidewall. A range of widths from 80′ (24.3 m) to 140′ (42.6 m) are available to meet the project specifications. The continuous segmented truss design allows the building to achieve nearly any length required. A nominal 48″ (121.9 cm) truss frame is forged from high carbon steel and reinforced with purlins and structural supports to meet the wind, snow, and dead loads required for each individual project. The steel framework can be finished in a selection of coatings, including hot dip galvanized and powder coated.