Engineered Fabric Buildings – Wyoming

GNB Global builds solutions for our clients in Wyoming by engineering tensioned fabric buildings for any industry or purpose. GNB tensioned fabric structures are ideal for a number of Wyoming industries, including construction projects, data center builds, oil & gas, mining and more.

Each building solution is created in a few short weeks and lasts for years down the road. Relocating? No problem! GNB fabric buildings are highly portable and transfer exceptionally well from one location to the next.

Industrial Use
Use your new facility to solve assembly and outdoor manufacturing headaches. With ample unobstructed workspace, you and your entire team can successfully achieve production goals despite external and outdoor weather conditions.

Construction Use
Engineered fabric buildings from GNB pair excellently with construction sites and data center builds. Use your newfound indoor space for a wide variety of supportive functions. Because the structures can be moved from site to site, some clients prefer to use the structures to house raw materials near the construction location. This cuts down on transportation costs and external storage costs. Additionally, our engineered buildings make a great project office for large construction site builds.

Storage Uses
Take full advantage of your large open indoor spaces when it comes to storage and logistics. Tensioned fabric structures are a cheaper alternative to traditional warehouses while offering the same amount of storage space. By storing your product in convenient locations, you will be able to improve logistics and supply chain management.

On top of all these unique uses, you are able to personalize everything about your structure. Customizations include width, height, shape, color, material, and entrances.

Wyoming temperatures are generally quite frigid. By customizing your fabric structure to be insulated, you can maintain comfortable temperatures inside your structure despite the massive snowstorm happening outside! Be sure to ask about internal heating and insulation options for your Wyoming fabric structure solution.

How big do you need your entrances to be? Are you storing large industrial equipment? Talk to a GNB team member about your specific requirements and uses to employ the perfect entrance and exit solutions.

Customarily, our non-insulated structures come in white to allow the most natural light transfer but ask our team about alternative colors and accents to promote your personal branding.

We believe so strongly in each of our structures that we offer a 16-year warranty on all new fabric covers. If your fabric gets accidentally damaged, we will replace it free of charge. Along with our warranty, we offer preventative maintenance solutions. This maintenance solution extends the average lifetime of your fabric structure up to 25 years.

In addition to our warranty, we happily replace any of our competitors’ attempts at crafting you a workable solution. We will use custom fit fabric to drape over existing structures, and you can trust that these solutions will last long beyond a single project.

Call today to request a quote for your custom fabric structure.